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Kit    Karamak

About the Author

Kit Karamak aka Ken Weaver Jr
Kit Karamak aka Ken Weaver Jr
Kit Karamak aka Ken Weaver Jr, famed author of “Twilight of the Gods” and pancake aficionado, sits down for an interview.

Kit Karamak
– aka – Kenneth Weaver Jr.

Q) When and where were you born?

A) May 1st, 1980, at Glen Burnie General Hospital in Maryland, which was knocked down ages ago.

Q) What were your reading habits and favorite genre when you were younger?

A) Sci-fi, action, adventure. Favorite books….tossup between Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Michael Creighton’s Jurassic Park, and Steven King’s The Stand.

Q) When did you first begin to write?

A) When I was 12 I fell in love with StarFox for SNES, but was so disillusioned with the lack of story-line, I took solace in the work of fan fiction. However none of the fics that were already out there followed the canonical information established by game makers, so I took it upon myself to fix this.

Q) What would you say is the most popular fan fiction piece you’ve written?

A) I am best known for my “Reflections of StarFox” series.

Q) Secondly, what is YOUR favorite?

A) You.

Q) SMOOTH. No, seriously.

A) I enjoyed my Sly Cooper trilogy best.

Q) Why do you continue to write?

A) I continue to write because it’s how I vent. If I don’t vent, I get cranky.

Q) What is your biggest challenge when writing, and why do you continue to write in spite of this challenge? 

A) My biggest challenge when writing is when an idea surfaces and I am nowhere near able to write it down and use it.  Like if I’m at the movies with my son, or playing music on stage.  However, I continue to write because if I don’t get all these ideas I have out and tell the stories, I explode. Figuratively, of course.

Q) What are your ultimate writing goals? (Helpful hint: the answer is NOT “To make a million dollars”.)

It's a trap!A) I guess the biggest reason I write — my ultimate goal as it were — is because I don’t have the mindset for a 9-5 job. And even if I don’t make a million dollars, or even enough to put kids through college, I want to make enough to pay the rent — because who doesn’t want to be able to make a living off of doing what they love?

What I love most is interacting with readers; hearing and discussing their feedback.  Sometimes I get my best ideas for a story by hearing a reader’s perspective over how my writing makes them feel.  Seeing my characters and story-line from their angle gives me a whole new perspective in which to look at my own creations; giving me a new respect for the universe I’ve created.  Being able to better understand that also helps me to better understand myself — and who doesn’t want to know their creations and themselves better than they already do?

The only thing that saddens me is there will be no mosh pits or boobs at writing conventions.  Le’ sigh.

Q) ……

A) * innocent look *

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