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Author of Twilight of the Gods

Kit    Karamak

Hot New Art and Book 10 Finished!

Rufus Darken by Flama Ykoriana

Kit has been flying through the end-game of the series, and has completed Book Ten: Folly of the Gods.  The eleventh book is in progress now, and will be completed shortly.  This will wrap up Act One of the Twilight of the Gods.  If you’re new to the series, download the Prologue: Advent of Iniquity from the Karamak Library.

Rufus Darken by Flama Ykoriana
Rufus Darken by Flama Ykoriana

You can also check out hot new art of Rufus Darken by Flama Ykoriana, an amazing artist with the ability to bring out the best in this lovable werewolf.  For more series artwork, check out the Art Gallery.

More awesome art is in the works, and will be unveiled soon!

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