Kit Karamak

Author of Twilight of the Gods

Kit    Karamak

Podcast Interview – Kit Karamak

Proofed - a Podcast by Alexander Cole
Proofed – a Podcast by Alexander Cole

Proofed 01 – Big Talker

What is the purpose of books?  What does writing and the act of putting words to paper mean when weighted against the greater thread of the human condition?  Alexander Cole strives to answer these questions in his new podcast series, Proofed.

During his first session, Alexander features Kenneth Herbert Weaver, Jr. (aka Kit Karamak).  Ken talks about what first inspired him to write, why he continues, and the basis for his Twilight of the Gods series.

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast — and don’t forget to check back for updates, as Alexander will be putting up the second of the series soon!

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